We specialize in kitchen furniture but our offer is been extended because of the specific needs of our customers. With custom made furniture, you cannot use pre-made templates or schemes. Furnishings are made to individual customer needs and preferences, so they will not be duplicated with other projects.

It is a myth to say that custom made furnishings are very expensive and therefore reserved only for the wealthiest people. Currently, anyone can afford it. Everything depends on the selected materials and finishes.

This is our customer who can create his dream furniture, as well as their price.  His choice and our advisory can do that. We are able to offer less expensive substitute materials that do not spoil the end result, and gradually reduce the price.

In the production of kitchen furniture we use:

  • Fronts: painted, veneered, solid wood, glass, laminated board,
  • Tops: laminated, veneered, with conglomerates, made ​​of solid wood,
  • Fittings: Blum drawer, TANDEM, intivo, Aventos Blum, Electric Power Servo-Drive
  • Handles: Blocks, Recessed or “no handle” type,
  • Gear: Type Carga, magiccornery, waste bins, etc.
  • Lighting: LED, halogen.

We have been on the market since 1996 and our customers are always impressed with our individual designs as well as furniture made with so much precision that can be used for many years.

Please contact us, we are happy to introduce our products in person – measurements  done on-site.